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San Diego Dive Club
8002 Beaver Lake Drive
San Diego, CA 92119-2613

Function Title Name Phone Email
General questions President Michelle Anderson 619-861-1432 president@sandiegodiveclub.com
Membership questions, change of address, not receiving your newsletter Vice President Steve Anderson (619) 466-8556 vicepresident@sandiegodiveclub.com
Secretary Secretary John Leek (858) 576-0877 secretary@sandiegodiveclub.com
Guest speaker arrangements Entertainment Coordinator Position Open   entertainment@sandiegodiveclub.com
Club A/V equipment Equipment Coordinator Steven Fellet (858) 560-5645 equipment@sandiegodiveclub.com
Financial operations Treasurer Betty Parrish 760-788-6152 treasurer@sandiegodiveclub.com
Boat trips/Diving Dive Coordinator Kathryn Bouic (619) 318-1716 dive@sandiegodiveclub.com
Newsletter Editor Editor Kori Skillman   editor@sandiegodiveclub.com
San Diego Council of Divers representative Council Rep Scott Anderson (619) 470-2689 councilrep@sandiegodiveclub.com