Milt Beard

Milt was a great friend, a loyal dive club member, our official "Kelptographer", he was funny and fun loving, and was instrumental in preparing both the "Ruby E' and the "Yukon" for sinking as safe SCUBA shipwrecks.

Milt served his country in the navy for 9 years and then for 20 years in the naval reserves.

Grandpa "Milty" passed away from prostate cancer Dec. 17, 2008 and we shall all miss him very much.

Milt was responsible for all the holes that were cut into the Yukon to make it safe for scuba divers. When the Yukon sank prematurely and ended listing to the port side on the bottom we dubbed it as "Milt's tilt".

You can see a plaster cast of Milt's face on the Yukon and his name on the "Honor wall" inside the ship the next time you visit. Take a moment to wipe his plaque clean if you will.

If you have photos or stories to share about Milt please contact Steve Anderson ( and I'll add them to this website.

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I fondly remember Milt inviting me to go to Cancun with him, Tony and Cheryl. Touring the ruins were incredible and diving in the cenotes was spectacular. We rented a volkswagon "bug" to carry the four of us and our dive gear. Milt drove and I thought I was going to die. I had to take Prozac so I could withstand MIlt's driving style.

Milt once invited me to go diving from his boat "The Dead Battery" and guess what, it wouldn't start.

My funniest memory is of watching the video of Milt cutting a hole in the Yukon and almost catching on fire from flying sparks.

Milt became our club's official "Kelptographer" because all of his videos seemed to have a kelp theme.

The next time you dive on the Yukon take a look at the dolphin cut-outs on the bow, Milt did those and sold the cut-outs to a dive shop to help fund the project.

Milt was one of those people that you were always happy to be around.

Steve Anderson

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I have fond memories of Milt doing wheelies on his 3-wheeled chopper in the parking lot at Fuddruckers in the early days of the club.

Tom Phillipp

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My best remembrance of him was the first time I met him. He SO reminded me of those old "salty dogs" I had met thru my time in the Navy. Always made me smile!

Dave McNair

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The first time I ever met Milt was on my first shore dive. I was a “newbie” and Milt scared me to death. I was
standing on the grass and Milt yelled at me to “get off the grass”. Of course, he later explained that we didn’t want to
do anything to upset the residents so we could all keep diving there. His intimidating gruff voice was soon taken
over by his kind heart and it didn’t take long to become his friend.

I also remember Milt inviting me to share his condo with him and Philomena. Philomena being a young, red
headed, Italian, from New York and Milt…well Milt being Milt made for a very interesting week. I think I ended up
playing referee most of the week. To see such “spunk” was invigorating. He really held his own. I truly enjoyed
being with Milt above and below water. I wouldn’t have traded that week for the world.

I did have the pleasure of going on his boat “The Dead Battery” too. Milt had me sign a “guest book”. It made me
wonder what I was in for. But, his boat actually did start that day and we went to wreck alley and had an enjoyable
day of diving.

Another memory I had was when I went for a visit and Milt was cutting the dolphin holes in the Yukon. He stopped
just to show me around The Yukon and to show me my name on the honor wall plaque. It made me so proud to have
been a small part of that group and to have been Milt’s friend.

I miss Milt so much.

Wynona Hawkins

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Milt and my family got close over the years, so close that at some of the parties I will get summoned if they did not
see Milt; Tony where is Milt, Tio Tony where is foot foot, (Nick name given to him by one of my Nieces as a result of
one of Milts tong-twisters) or .... You should have invited Milt, our house parties are not the same as than the ones at your house.
Milt is like part of the family. We will always miss him.

This is one story that will always be on one of my Nephews for the rest of his life:
One of those trips to Baja 'Bahia De Los Angeles" to be exactly and goes this way:

On the last week of September and beginning of October to swim with whale-sharks is not uncommon and on Bahia
De Los Angeles within a mile from shore and on a "panga" anybody can experience this.

On this trip Milt was filming a whale-shark and my Nephew age 7 the same morning, had learned to use the snorkel
with his father, so when we told Michael, my Nephew, that Milt had filmed him touching the whale-shark he screamed 'I
love you Uncle Milty". That was very touching and to this date Michael age 14; If you ask him about it, be ready to
sit down, he remembers everything, he will tell you with a very vivid and detailed life-time experience.

Tony Blas

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On September 24th, 2009 Milt was given a Military Honors ceremony at Fort Rosecrans National cemetery.


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Directions to Milt's niche:

Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery on Point Loma.


Catalina Drive will turn into Cabrillo Memorial Drive.  At the main entrance to the cemetery, turn left (east toward the bay), and proceed toward the large wall of columbaria marked "H"(straight ahead).  At the wall,  turn left and continue north through the cemetery.  Continue past the maintenance gate, along the long wall marked "I", and bear right as you approach the center area of markers for the missing (on the astro-turf).  Continue along to the long wall marked "N".  

Milt's niche is located halfway along the "N" wall, right near where the wall bends in the middle.  The niche is columbarium N, #354, row 5 (top row).


Cemetary hours:


Only containers provided by cemetery (located in green bins) permitted for flowers.
Fresh flowers permitted anytime.  No potted plants.
Artificial flowers permitted (only from Oct. 10- March 15th).  Not after March 15th.